Roadtrip 2019

It’s an ageless story: overworked [job title] fantasizes about a life on the road with no plans, no obligations, and a 3-legged dog.

First, find a camper.

So the first step? Buy a camper. (By the way, maybe the first step should have been buy a vehicle to tow a camper, but more on that later.) After months of searching, I found a 2005 Dutchmen T@b … in Tucson. I’m in Charlotte. But my fabulous cousin Beverly checked it out for me and in no time, the camper was heading east, towed by a man named Jim who was really anxious to show me the scar from his open heart surgery.

Babs en route, with Jim of chest scar fame
Soon after Babs’ arrival

Then make it yours.

Next, the renovation began. I ripped out part of the bedframe to make more room, put down laminate plank flooring, added a collapsible table, and slapped up some wallpaper. And I cussed. A lot. But she looks pretty good.

This is the closest I will ever come to doing something “handy”.
I’m not good at it at all.
Lots of cussing.

Figure out how to tow it.

Then there was the ordeal of buying a tow vehicle, or TV in cool camper people parlance. I’ll spare you the details but 3 months in, I’m on TV #2, a 2013 Mercedes ML350, and I love it.

Then plan an overly-ambitious trip.

Next? The big trip! My friend Jenn Grover, photographer extraordinaire, is heading to Glacier National Park, Grand Tetons National Park, Yellowstone, and Banff, and I’m tagging along for part of the trip, kayaks at the ready.

I could do without that big “82 h” in the middle. Yikes.

My idea of travel is a barely-planned trip that allows plenty of time for last-second ventures down unpaved roads, odd conversations with locals, side trips to see weird stuff and to try new bourbons, and plenty of kayaking and laughing. So if that stuff won’t make you crazy, feel free to tag along!


6 thoughts on “Roadtrip 2019

  1. Kim, this trip sounds terrific. I’m very impressed that you decided to take the adventure. Good for you! At some point I want to hear all about it. I think I might want to do something similar and fly around the country in a single engine Cessna 172 with no real plans on where I’ll end up. You never know? Thanks for the adventure and I’ll follow along for now. Safe travels and have fun!!😜😜


  2. I am just so excited for you, Kim. Wish I could tag along with my J@ck. Not this year but someday. Looking forward to your updates! Travel sage my friend…..give Roz an extra treat for me.


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