Why Babel?

I kind of think naming your camper is a little dorky. But, from what I can tell, it’s an expected thing in camper circles (and yes, I have learned there are very active, very helpful, and very opinionated camper circles among us) so I felt compelled.

I avoided it for a while but people kept asking about the name.

So, in the end, I landed on Babel. First, there’s the obvious reference to the Babel in Genesis where people tried to build a tower to reach heaven and, to shut that down, God caused them to speak different languages. Unable to communicate with one another, they abandoned the task and the idea of finding a man-made way to heaven. I love the obvious inferences to be drawn there.

Second, “Babel” is close to “babble”, and isn’t that really what a blog is all about?

But finally (and I swear this is the truth), I named the camper “Babel” so I could call my SUV “Tower” (pronounced TOE-er), which makes my SUV the Tower of Babel. Yeah, I know, but it cracks me up.


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