Day 2: In Madonna’s footsteps

Train up a child…

Driving across Indiana and Missouri with kayaks on your roof is like sailing in the desert – the hot wind is intense and the kayaks turn into sails that try to pull you off the road.

That made me begin to wonder why anyone lives in Indiana or Missouri. The pioneers must have just gotten tired and said, “That’s it. We give up. We’re just going to have to live here. Who needs California? We can have brutal winters, scorching summers, and tornados. And lousy football teams.”

But, maybe to entertain bored people desperate to get through their states, they have some great stuff along the way. Like:

The stadium where A League of Their Own was filmed (which means Madonna hung out in the tiny little town surrounded by corn fields)
The town of Santa Claus, IN, which seems to believe that Santa and Abe are on equal footing
Butt Drugs. I have nothing to offer to make that funnier.

And the martini-sipping elephant. But Day 3 promises so much more of the bizarre, quirky Midwest!


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