Day 4: Houston, ….

I’m starting to think this trip was a really, really stupid idea.

There have been casualties.

First, my Ring doorbell got jostled off the camper on the washboard roads of Iowa. My bad – I forgot to remove it.

The carcass

Then the fan in my camper broke, also because I hate interstates. No pics there.

Oh, I forgot about the kayak bow line (ties the fromt of the kayak to the front of the car) that, on day 1, took a header into the tire.

Then today I dropped my kayak and punched a hole in it. I learned this while paddling a beautiful Nebraska lake and taking on water.

But this. This one just about gave me a heart attack. The first picture is looking up through my sunroof. This is how it should look.

This, however, is what I saw about 10 minutes ago:

What the hell?!

So, I’m typing this in front of some ranch in South Dakota where I stopped to put the kayak back on the rack. It was still on the roof but only barely. Yakima, so far I’m not a big fan of your overpriced racks. (For those who care, I have Jaylow racks and the backs of them are giving in to the crazy wind. As a result, the kayak lifts out of the rack entirely.)

That $100 I won today? It’s going toward a great steak dinner and a good bottle of bourbon.


9 thoughts on “Day 4: Houston, ….

  1. Good excuse to get a MaxFan Deluxe. It can be open during a rainstorm and doesn’t irrigate your trailer. When closed its almost as short as the Fantastic fan. (Only costs money!)


  2. Congrats on the win and for noticing the kayak shift before it got away. Earl can tell you how to easily fix a small hole, but it will take a whole lot of milk jugs to fix 65 mph road rash.


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