Day 11: O Canada!

I woke up at illegal campsite #1 in the snow-engulfed east side of Glacier National Park. Bev and I tried to drive into the park at two different entrances but no luck – the roads are largely cleared but east side of the park remains locked down.

After a great breakfast cooked at a blocked entrance (nuCamp, I seriously LOVE this camper and the flexibility it provides), we made like draft dodgers and said, “Screw this. We’re going to Canada.”

Folks, I’m here to tell you that Canadiens are tougher than Americans. I mean, hockey, right? But their parks are open, and people and dogs are walking around with their cute accents, like a couple feet of unseasonable snow ain’t no big deal.

We found a campsite (potentially illegal) in Waterton National Park. This is outside my window.

No zoom here, my friends.

And as I sat in my car at illegal campsite #2, marveling at that incredible sight, this happened.

The truth is that one of those ears popped up first and scared the living crap out of me!

So, boring day overall – no police, no backing hijinks, no broken camper parts – just marvelous views, and for that, I’m immensely grateful!


3 thoughts on “Day 11: O Canada!

  1. I just caught up on a few days from my laptop and I have to say that the pictures are so much better here than on my phone! Loving this adventure you’re having and glad to be able to follow it!


  2. What a beautiful mountain view!! Not sure if I could handle the cold weather tho. Stay warm and safe😊 Sunni and Burt 💜


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