Ode to Robert Burns

Burns wrote, “The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry.” Oh, Mr. Burns, you have no idea.

First, the mouse part. Bev and I removed everything from the car, including 12 different snack packages he had chewed into but abandoned. We looked under seats, in nooks and crannies, but no mouse. Maybe he bailed out. Maybe he’s lying in wait.

As for my plans, this definitely wasn’t part of them but it’s what I woke up to this morning.

This morning I left Banff to start my trek home. I expected the snow but hey, it’s Canada. This is nothing right? The roads will be plowed and I’ll get to the US today.

Nope. I didn’t take pictures of how bad it got. Just know that I’m not a fearful driver and I was kind of freaking out. Pulling a light trailer in whiteout conditions is stupid. When I stopped for gas, the people working there just about begged me to stop.

So I’m in High River, AB, only 122 miles from my starting point and I’m totally discouraged. I have this lovely view, but I also have a warm room and apparently a waterslide. Woo freakin’ hoo.

Judging from the weather reports, I might be enjoying that waterside for two nights. Right now it seems like this trip has been a disaster but these photos remind me that there have been great moments.

Drive between Waterton and Banff
Emerald Lake in a slightly leaky kayak
Emerald Lake again

I just found out that for $1300 I can hire someone to drive my car and trailer home, and for another $300 I can be on a flight home tomorrow morning. Thoughts?


7 thoughts on “Ode to Robert Burns

  1. My lips are still because NAMA (Ted’s grandmother) always said, “Don’t tell a person when it’s time to come or go.”


  2. Don’t do it. This is a journey. You cannot surrender or you may forever regret this. You will arrive home with a sense of accomplishment. Would you try a case start to …. have somebody else present the final summation to the jury? Or do you want to win the game? Easy decision for me. Will you take the easy route?


  3. I would be on that plane in a hot second! Your time and sanity is worth a lot. Broken down by billable hour, that is a deal! Be safe – I’ve loved the posts.


  4. Oh Kim…I sure don’t want to b responsible🤔. If it were me I’d wait it out, but you need to do what’s best for you. Maybe a compromise…wait a day or two, then decide?

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