I’m stuck in High River, Alberta, for a second night, waiting for the roads in Montana to clear. As it turns out, High River is a popular place to film TV shows and movies like Heartland, Fargo, and Superman III.

So, since I’m bored but have free internet, I organized some of my photos which means you all get to stare at a bunch of them. Enjoy!

My campsite at Grand Teton
The Tetons, taken immediately after I arrived
Heading from Grand Teton National Park to Canada
Jenn Grover’s T@b driving through the Tetons
Camping at West Glacier, away from the blizzard
In Glacier National Park
My favorite shot from Glacier
Kayaking on Emerald Lake in Yoho National Forest
Bev on Emerald Lake in Yoho

The truth is that these were all taken with my cell phone and not my awesome little point-and-shoot. That camera does a much better job but I don’t have the right cable to transfer them to my computer, so suffer through the phone shots for now!


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