Stockholm Syndrome

He’s killing me but part of me is starting to enjoy Mighty’s company. A really, really small part

The first night I baited a humane trap with cheddar cheese. Every cartoon mouse in the world eats cheddar cheese and since that’s the extent of my rodent knowledge, it seemed smart.

I stomped to the camper in sub-zero temperatures the next morning to find the trap tripped but empty. The truckers around me must have wondered why I was shaking my fists at the sky and shouting, “Damn you, Mighty!”

So for the second night (last night), I baited it with Nutella, the yummiest stuff I own. I learned, from a bearded woman at a hardware store, that mice like peanut butter. I already knew that he likes chocolate, so Nutella seemed like an irresistible bait.

This morning I found another empty but tripped trap. Maybe he’s gotten too fat from the Snack Box Smorgasbord to fit in the trap. I think I’m going to have to get a kill-him trap and just deal with the disappointment of my PETA friends. Thank God I have super long bbq tongs.

In other news, Lisa’s scavenger hunt continues:

Task 1: Boothill Cemetary in Billings. Another closed road.

Task 2: Shark Swimming Pool in Sheridan, WY. I was a little excited about this one because it’s way off the kitsch scale. Here’s what it should look like.

But here’s what I found:

Buried shark face

Task 3: Cowboy Cafe. Another fail because I couldn’t find parking.

Task 4: Little Big Horn Battlefield. I drove in, took this terrible pic of the sign, and left so I wouldn’t have to pay $25. That’s crazy! But the teepee pictures are free though probably a bit insulting.

Finally, task 5: Sanford’s Grub and Pub, the ultimate kitschy place, complete with gas station memorabilia (including pump handles as door handles) and an inexplicable Daffy Duck. And a Deep Fried Oreo Sundae, which was tasty but death-defying.

It looks like I’ve done a good job of dodging the latest blizzard. My hope is to get to Nebraska tonight, then to head east through Nebraska again. Not my first choice – I was hoping to go through Minnesota and Wisconsin – but I guess God isn’t big on that plan. That is, of course, the same God who allowed a mouse to set up house in my car, so I have some questions.


3 thoughts on “Stockholm Syndrome

  1. Oh, what an unusual travel journal! Kim, this is all actually interesting since I suppose every traveler has a few “dud” experiences – makes it all, in the long look-back, more authentic! HA! – –Hey, ask Trey about his house mouse – PET?!


  2. Mighty sounds like a pretty tricky travel buddy!!! Glad to hear you are on route home. Hopefully the snow will stay away so you can get back to NC without more bad weather. Stay safe and again Hapoy Trails😊💜 Love ya Sunni and Burt

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