Your Questions: The Mighty Version

I really wanted to get home tonight but Asheville was the best I could do. I’m overnight parking (πŸ™„πŸ™„ whatever) at a Cracker Barrel for the night, then driving the last 2.5 hours home.

You all have great questions! Since many were about the stupid rodent, I thought I’d deal with those first.

I haven’t seen or heard him lately. It’s probably been about 2 days now. This morning I found stuff on my dashboard that I think were mouse droppings so maybe he’s not dead. My car smells like hell, but my guess is that’s due more to my need for a shower than to a dead mouse.

So here’s the plan.

Tomorrow morning I’ll pick up Roz and drive home where, before all else, I’ll shower. Then I’m driving to Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions, a great business owned by my friends Gary and Colleen (who now have 2 shout outs on this blog!) (shouts out?). They will laugh at me but they will save me.

I will ask Gary to try to trap Mighty and put him in a sealed container that I will promptly drive to Becky Hawke. Hey, I just realized that her initials are the same as “bleeding heart”!!

Or I’ll offer to buy Gary bourbon if he’ll just kill the damn thing.

By the way, Google “dead mouse cartoon”. It kind of made my day.

As for your specific questions:

  • Dave asked whether Mercedes plans to offer a mousetrap as an option. I consulted with Mercedes who responded, “Nein. Our cars ah not for wodents. If you let a mouse into dat car, you ah shtupid.”
  • Susan, the other bleeding heart, asked if I got a mouse vaccination. No, but thanks SO much for the lovely thought of a future mouse bite.
  • Susan also asked if I ate anything left by the mouse. Um, no. Mighty ate into nearly every snack, sniffed each one, then turned his twitchy little nose up unless he found chocolate. So he has left behind only 2 things: sniffed food and droppings. I’m not about to touch either one.
  • Susan needs a hobby that doesn’t involve me or mice.
  • Sharla and Crystal asked about Mighty in general. In general, he’s about to die. But tonight I did leave a little food on the floorboard for him, not because I love him but because I need to figure out whether he’s still alive. Jury’s out on what I hope to learn – I think a live Mighty is better than the endless stench of a dead Mighty. I think.

So if all goes to plan – you know, like every part if this trip has – Mighty’s last meal will be crumbs from a Bojangles biscuit. Not a bad way to go.


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