52 ÷ 2 = 26

I like goals and I like tasks but mostly I like checking things off of task lists. That made me realize that I need a travel goal for 2020, something along the lines of a theme. Something I can check off.

I considered a few different ideas, but bourbon-themed travel seemed unwise and literature-themed travel seemed a little too challenging. I mean, how could I do the literature thing without going to Stratford-Upon-Avon?

That’s when I realized there are 26 letters of the alphabet and 52 weeks in the year. I do love a good mathematical equation.

So every two weeks I’ll travel to a new location in alphabetical order. Stay with me here – it’ll work. The letter A might find me sipping an apertif in Auburn, Alabama (to the chagrin of my cousin Lisa). The letter B might mean bluegrass and good bourbon. Ok, it definitely will since those are two of my favorite things. Music festivals will be plentiful, as will be camping and quirky roadside stuff.

I’ve also decided that every trip has to include at least one really cool, really local bar. I’m thinking speakeasy kinds of bars, the kinds with the best drinks that only the locals can find. And where possible, a trip should include a visit with friends or family.

Where do you come in? Consider yourselves my travel planners, or at least my travel advisors. Give me ideas! I’d love for most of them to be within 300 miles of Charlotte so I can do these as weekend trips, though I’m totally up for something farther away if you can sell it well. And if you want to join me or meet up with me one weekend, come on!

So, yeah, I’m pretty much putting myself in your hands. I retain veto power but again, sell it well and I’m in.

And to Brian Lindsay and Jack Smith, I promise the letter I is all yours!