I’ve held off on writing this post because I hate to admit defeat but here it is: I failed at B.

I had grandiose plans. After all, my favorite things start with B: bluegrass, barbecue, bourbon, and Babel! I envisioned a few days on Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail, visiting cool friends and enjoying some good ‘cue.

Instead, B became bronchitis.

I created a back-up plan that would have involved bull riding and more cool friends in Knoxville a couple of weeks later. But the stress of work, leftover sickness, and a dog pooping all over my friend’s house the night before I was to leave all hit at once. I cracked.

So, here’s Sad B Travel, but part of it is awesome.

Pisgah Covered Bridge

This is one of only two covered bridges in North Carolina. It’s also part of Sad B Travel. I found it about 20 minutes from my house.

Just past the bridge I found this great, B-themed graffiti! I was going to stand under these and take a selfie but a cute guy showed up right about then. Posing under the words “Bad Bitch” seemed like bad advertising. Maybe truthful advertising but he didn’t need to know that just yet.

The best part of Sad B Travel Day was this:

Bourbon balls!!

Last summer I went to a rally for people who own teardrop campers. The idea seemed kind of silly to me and I was convinced I would hate it. Instead I met the BEST people who helped me, taught me things about my camper and myself, and had a blast!

Among those remarkable people were Greg and Deb Weller who not only share the name of fantastic bourbon but live in Lexington, Kentucky! They read about my B trip plans and sent these fantastic, beautiful bourbon balls! I have shared them with no one.

Thanks, Greg and Deb, for redeeming my trip! I sat at the bridge, ate a bourbon ball, and was reminded that travel is about people, not places. Can’t wait to see you all in June!