C? Check.

I’m happy to report that my C travel was wildly successful, at least when compared to pitiful B day. Like that was hard to beat.

Our fearless group of adventurers – Diane, Ric (who must always be referred to as Ric Sheer), Becky, James, Lu, and Lu’s sheep coat – tried desperately to go curling.

I’m so disappointed that didn’t work because, really, it’s the ultimate Olympic sport! No training, no dieting, no nothing. Just chubby people sliding stones on ice with a Molson in one hand. Brilliant.

But our local curling place only offers lessons in January (WTH, Charlotte Curling Association?) and, since I’m OCD enough to demand adherence to the alphabet, we had to change tack. Here’s what we would have looked like, though. Exactly.like.this.

Even color-coordinated.

Instead we went to The Cotton Room, my favorite Charlotte bar because it’s bourbon-centric and serves the best old fashioneds in town.

Then, the next best thing to curling: Charlotte Checkers hockey! The Checkers won in overtime but before a shoot out, so we geezers got home before 10 pm.

Next up? You all are going to enjoy D because it’s going to require me to dig into my country roots. Stay tuned.

In other news, I’ve decided that the blog needs more than every-other-week attention so it’ll be filled with my random and irreverent musings in between alphabet posts. Love it, hate it, ignore it – your call, but I’ll be entertained!


4 thoughts on “C? Check.

    1. Do it! In truth, it’s been harder than I expected, partly because there’s not a lot to choose from in the winter and partly because sometimes I just want to be lazy and stay home. But I never regret going!


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