Bringing You Up To Date

Welcome to the mid-COVID-but-should-be-post-COVID edition of Babel Away! When last we spoke (sorry – I’ve been binging The Crown so now I use phrases like that), I crushed G in Alphabet Travel and was looking toward H.

Here’s a recap to bring you up to speed.

A = African food, axe throwing, and Angels Envy with awesome people.

Are Throwing Team Extraordinaire

B = bronchitis which, in retrospect, might have been a certain virus that starts with C. No pics because that’s gross.

C = Checkers hockey and The Cotton Room with the axe people, who remain quite awesome.

C people!

D = demolition derby in Virginia which turned out to be the dustiest, most awkward thing ever.


E = elephants. Things started to pick up at this point.

Still nothing but a giant pony ride with a pissed off trainer.

F = Fly fishing with my friend Alex and the little green weenies!

Happy birthday, Alex!

G = my favorite so far, flying a glider!

A childhood dream come true, and a British accent to boot

So H. Next weekend I’m going to Lexington, Kentucky with the incomparable Signe Strawser. Stay tuned for horses, bourbon, and laughter!

Alphabet Travel is back! I’ll get this done in 2021 no matter what!


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