I hardly know where to begin.

You all know about the Death of Babel, thanks to a tree trimmer who was too lazy to drag branches around my trailer. He moved Babs, bent her frame, and left her poor banged-up body in my driveway.

Enter my insurance company. They agreed Babs was a total loss but their contribution to her replacement was pretty lame. Regardless, it was something so I bought a new trailer.

Meet @tticus, a 2020 NuCamp T@g Boondock XL who is smaller than Babel but damn mighty. He has air conditioning (I love him), a television, a stereo, a microwave, a solar panel that saved my butt today. In a word, @tticus is my BFF right now. (Sorry Roz.)

Kentucky Boys

I’m in Lexington, Kentucky, camping next to the fascinating Signe Strawser and tonight we had dinner at a local legend, Columbia Steak House. Cleverly hidden as a hole in the wall, Columbia serves the best steaks and the cheapest, strongest drinks ever. My old fashioned was only $6.75. Kentucky, scootch over. I’m here to stay.

Signe and I were eating and chatting when 3 guys next to us got our attention. They first claimed to be triplets and one pointed at another and said, “He loves you. He said he loves your voice.”

I swooned, blushed, and poked back. We quickly learned that they all love basketball and live in Kentucky. Two recently broke up with girlfriends but they were intent on finding love for #3. Apparently I was his next love.

I know what you’re thinking but they weren’t drunk. The youngest of the three was chatty and wanted us to know everything about himself and his brothers. The oldest – the strong, silent type – seemed mortified but smitten.

Then brother number 2 said, “Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only 10 I see.”

I have no words for that but I laughed my head off.

Then their dad showed up and herded the 8, 9, and 10-year-old boys out of the restaurant.

I was tough. I didn’t show my heartbreak. But the cheekiness of these 3 little boys made my day. My voice IS awesome, damn it.

I’m moving to Kentucky. Good steaks, good bourbon, and adoration? Easy decision.


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