Product Testing Results

In my deer-slaughtering post, I mentioned a crazy item I had just ordered, the Weed Razer. There was a lot of grass growing in the lake by my house and I was getting pretty concerned that I was creating a snake-breeding brothel.

So I went online and found this wonder called the Weed Razer. It’s basically two giant razor blades on a Y-shaped stick that you throw into the lake and pull back to shore. As you pull it to shore, it slices through the grass and weeds, making all those slutty snakes homeless.

It looks like this:

It arrived last week and, when my friend Becky came to the house yesterday, we set to work on building and testing the Weed Razer.

DISCLAIMER: There was very little alcohol involved in the testing of this product. All participants managed to retain all original body parts, much to our surprise.


Bottom line: this thing works.

Becky the Weed Killer

I didn’t take any before pictures but here’s a good after picture. This thing is amazing.

Becky was a huge help and, in fact, pretty much did it all herself. I’d say the whole job took about 30 minutes, but it took us at least that long to put the silly thing together.

I’m pretty sure it’s a tool I’ll use once a year at the very most so if anyone would like to borrow the Amazing Weed Razer, just let me know!


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