I’m a Republican.

Despite what you think…

Despite what you believe about us, we’re not all gun-totin’, truck-drivin’ country bumpkins who fear changes to our way of life. 

I don’t own a gun or a truck. I do, however, own a copy of the Constitution. I’m a strict constructionist and an originalist, a la Scalia and Barrett (and dozens of justices before them). I study the Constitution and I’ve studied the writings of those who penned it.

From that study I’ve come to marvel at the brilliance and courage that founded this nation. I have the right to bear arms if I so choose (so far I don’t) and I will defend your constitutional rights as well, chief among them your right to speak your mind.

But I and others who believe as I do have silently repeated that First Amendment in your defense as you’ve said and written pretty harsh, sometimes even vile, things about us and about those we support. You have that right.

But I also have the right to make my choices, even if you hate them.

Choosing who to support, who to vote for, is a critical right we share. Attacking one another for those choices is childish, narcissistic, and self-righteous.

And yet that’s what I see and hear daily on television and on social media. What makes you think it’s okay to write things like, “Who would support a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic moron?” Or this one: “Who could vote for someone with no morals?”

Um, me, a well-educated woman who has spent years studying politics.

Do I consider Trump to be the ideal candidate or the ideal president? I don’t. Bring me another Reagan and I’ll be over the moon. But I’d bet you also don’t consider Biden to be your first choice. They are deeply flawed men chosen by a political machine that doesn’t give a damn about you or me.

I understand that you’re supporting the guy who comes closest to offering what you want for yourself, your family, and our country. Why can’t you be as generous with me?

Rather than respect my right to choose the same for myself, you have called me an idiot, a lemming, a fool, and a blind follower. You’ve accused me of wanting to see women lose their rights because I acknowledged that Amy Coney Barrett is a brilliant legal scholar. You’ve said I care only about the economy and abortion, the two issues that seem to always be attributed to Republicans when Democrats get defensive or aggressive. You’ve called me and all other Republicans immoral.

You think I’m stupid.

Let’s be honest. You think I’m stupid. Or at least deceived. You think that I’m too dumb to see that blacks are oppressed, that guns are bad, that masks work, that heath care is a right, that abortion is also a right, that immigrants need our help.

And since I’m so stupid, I need you to enlighten me, to help me see the things my party (the one I blindly follow because I can’t think for myself) is doing.

And now, now that I and millions of other Republicans are arguing back and are saying, “No, we know exactly what we’re doing when we vote as we do,” you can only call us names and question our humanity.

It’s so arrogant.

Choose the topic and I’ll gladly discuss it with you on a civil, impersonal level like adults should do. A lot of you know that I’ve done that with you and we remain friends. I’m not going to persuade you to agree with me and you’re not going to win me over to your side. But with every such conversation, I’ve come away with a better understanding of your convictions and I think you then know me better. You know, because that’s what grown ups do.

Stop the name calling. You wouldn’t let your kid talk to another kid the way you talk to me, so you know it’s wrong. I’m not going to turn the other cheek any longer.


One thought on “I’m a Republican.

  1. Kim, I welcome open discussion. I’ve been a registered Republican for many years. (Still am, but wondering). There is a PBS special about the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1920 and 30’s. The parallels between that and what has happened in US politics is chilling. Slogans like “Make Germany Great Again”, the Sturmabteiling (Storm Troopers) have eerie similar counterparts to today.
    The importance of a free press has been established before the Constitution. I realize that all media is in the business to make money, but when conspiracy theories are given the same credence as investigative reporting, our democracy is being attacked from within.
    So where do we go from here?


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